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Body Contouring

Starting at $70/session

The service offers a variety of modalities such as Ultrasonic Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening, Laser Lipo, Wood Therapy, Vacuum Therapy, and Vibration Therapy

IV Vitamin Drip


The benefits of intravenous vitamin infusions include rehydration, immunity boosts, pain relief, improved concentration, boosts metabolism, handover relief, and more.

Drug and Syringe
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Shot Bar


Pure has a list of injections that will help boost your immune system, speed up metabolism to aid in weight loss, supplement vitamin deficiencies, and boost your energy to get you up and going!

Weight Loss Management

$175 initial/$75 follow-ups

Our weight management program starts with a flat rate of $175 for the initial visit and $75 for each follow-up. Our provider will perform a medical evaluation to identify specific risks and establish baseline information, nutrition, and exercise counseling is provided weekly virtual weigh-ins, and counseling are also included. Prescription weight loss medication is available if warranted. 

Plans are individualized based on provider assessment and client goals. The cost of weight loss medication is the responsibility of the client. Some medications may require additional testing, such as preliminary blood work and/or an EKG. 

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Pre-op Clearance & General Medical Care


We're here to provide the help you need to be cleared for your surgical procedure; from cosmetics to dental clearance. This visit includes the physical exam as well as orders for bloodwork, chest x-ray, and ECG. Upon clearance, results will be provided to your preferred surgeon. 

*Clearance is NOT guaranteed. It is based on your actual diagnostic results and physical examination. 

Post Operative Care

$100, initial assessment and 1st lymphatic massage.

Proper care and attention after a cosmetic procedure. Treatments such as drainage removal, manual lymphatic massage, compression burn treatment, early infection identification, and seroma management.


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